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Nautical Chart Wallpaper Colors

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Wall Float Displays for Nautical Charts and Wallpaper


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Crystal River Texas  nautical chart wallapper
1/2" Black Gatorboard Wall Float
Crystal River Texas  nautical chart wallapper
Plexi with Mocket 3/4" Stand Offs
Crystal River Texas  nautical chart wallapper

Any nautical map wallpaper project or chart can be displayed as a wall float a number of ways. The process is fairly straight forward. The media is mounted using a roller press laminator with or without heat depending on the media, and then the flat substrate has a thickness at a smaller outer dimension (typically 10-12" smaller depending on the dimension of the display) adhered to the back which creates the "float" off of the wall surface. The first issue is what substrate to use. There are 3 popular choices: Gatorboard which is available in white, tan, or black in thicknesses from 1/4" up to 1" thick. Next is a great product called Max Metal (our top choice) it is also available in varying thicknesses. Then we move onto Plexi Glass which is beautiful when face-mounted but very tricky to do properly and quite expensive. Plexiglass is almost always done with aluminum stand-offs like shown in the picture which gives a beautiful high end look. The last and least desireable option is Masonite. Pass on this unless there is no other option. The most overlooked issue is substrate size. Most everyone is under the impression that 4'x 8' is max size for ridgid substrate dispalys... NOT SO!! Most substrates are availabe in oversized sheets of 10' x 5' so that means you can do a 10' x 5' wall float of your favorite nautical chart wallpaper! Most large format shops won't have the oversized sheets in stock but can typicaly have them in shop in a of couple days. It's a beautiful way to display any type of artwork!